St. Oswald’s Church and Hall on Montpelier Park sits at the heart of many communities in and around the Bruntsfield area in the south of Edinburgh. 

The site was left vacant in February 2018 when Boroughmuir High School moved to its canal-side site. 

In August 2020 the City of Edinburgh Council approved the purchase of the church and hall by Bruntsfield St. Oswald's Ltd. (St. Oswald’s Centre) as part of a Community Asset Transfer.

The purchase was completed in March 2021, thanks to a grant from the Scottish Land Fund.

St. Oswald's aims to create a vibrant, family-focused, community hub which will facilitate a wide range of clubs, classes and leisure opportunities for all local residents as well as wrap-around childcare and after-school activities for local children and young people.  It is hoped that St. Oswald's Centre will open in 2023 after a period of renovation and refurbishment.  
Local residents, families and groups now have the opportunity to become members of St. Oswald's and thereby help to develop, shape and support a sustainable future for this community hub.

If you would like to participate in this community initiative and contribute to a thriving, intergenerational public space, please fill in the membership form below. 
As with many community projects seeking to make a difference for the neighbourhoods they serve, St. Oswald's has had to define a geographic boundary to maximise its funding opportunities. As such, the existing, well-recognised and pre-defined boundary of the catchment area of Bruntsfield Primary School, which sits at the heart of many of our wider communities, was chosen. 

Residents within this boundary can become Ordinary  Members. Individuals outwith this boundary who are part of the wider community can become Associate Members. Associate Membership is also open to groups and organisations.
You can check whether you fall within the geographic boundary or whether you form part of the wider community by checking your address on this website:   

As a company limited by guarantee we are required to charge a one-off membership fee.

There are three kinds of membership and fees are detailed below. Membership fees will be collected in the future when it is practical for us to do so.


If you live within our geographic boundary and are aged at least 16 years, you can become an Ordinary Member of St. Oswald’s. Ordinary Membership enables you to vote in members' meetings.

Ordinary Membership costs £5 per member. 


If you do not live within our geographic boundary but would like to be involved, you can become an Associate Member of St. Oswald’s. 

Groups or organisations can also become Associate Members.

This membership enables you to attend meetings and receive updates from us. Although Associate Members cannot vote in members’ meetings, your engagement is welcome and your input will be incorporated into the future direction and running of the Centre. 

Associate Membership costs £3 per individual member or group.


If you are aged under 16, live within our geographic boundary or are part of our wider community, you can become a Junior Member of St. Oswald’s.  Junior Membership enables you to attend meetings and learn more about the activities and opportunities available for you at the Centre. 

Junior Members need to be added to an Ordinary or Associate membership for privacy purposes. Up to five Junior Members can be added to an Ordinary or Associate membership.

Junior Membership costs £1 per member.

After your membership application has been received and approved, you will receive updates from us by email including details of how to pay your membership fee.

If you would prefer to apply for membership in writing, please apply to Bruntsfield St. Oswald's Ltd, c/o Eric Liddell Centre, 15 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, EH10 4DP with your name, address and the type of membership you would like to apply for.    

Thank You!
Thank you for your interest in St. Oswald's. We will keep you updated on our progress in securing funding, renovation and refurbishment plans and the overall plan for the Centre.

Best wishes,

Team St. Oswald's

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Please provide an email address as key contact information
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For Associate Members only: Please give us the name of your organisation or group.
Please give us a little more information on tour organisation or group e.g. scouts, music lessons, local trader
Please add the names of your other family members separated by a comma.
Do you have skills in commercial law, fundraising, childcare, architecture, building conservation, building maintenance, gardening, joinery etc.

By applying to become a member of Bruntsfield St. Oswald's you agree to receive regular updates.

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